Luxury Travel Review

In 2019 we profiled Restaurant Lasserre in Paris, France. Situated in the well known avenue Franklin Roosevelt the restaurant offered a classic French fine dining experience in one of the city’s most upscale neighborhoods. Our contributors liked its “excellent service, beautiful interior with an inspired view and aspirational Tasting Menu.”

Earlier this year we reached out to the restaurant to request an update.* Below are the questions we submitted and the answers provided by Sophia Bouhouia, Board’s Assistant of the restaurant. She declined to provide her photo. Watermarked photos were taken by our team during their 2019 lunch.

LTR: Is Lasserre open for lunch and dinner?

SB: Lasserre is only open for dinner from Tuesday through Saturday

LTR: A number of travel businesses across the globe shut down or reduced their offerings post pandemic. What can you share regarding your restaurant in 2023?

SB: Lasserre did shut down during the pandemic and reopened in June 2021.

Since then, business has been running great. We have been experimenting a very high post pandemic demand from both local and foreign clients.

LTR: What, if any, pandemic policies and safeguards remain in place?

SB: After the pandemic habits have changed. Our set up has changed, hhere (there) is now more space between our guests.

We also make sure to respects everyone’s safety concerns.

LTR: Are guests at the restaurant required to show proof of vaccination, negative Covid-19 tests, wear a mask or take any other measures?

SB: There is no more covid related applicable measures in French restaurants.

LTR: Are there any condition(s) affecting your facilities, amenities, and safe and comfortable enjoyment of the restaurant? This could be anything like flooding, drought, water restrictions, strikes, staff shortages, etc.

SB: There was no changes on those regards before and after the pandemic.

LTR: What is the best contact information?

SB: Email:

Phone: 0143590213

*Under normal circumstances our articles are based exclusively on the experiences and photography of our contributors at a destination and voyage. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic we halted travel. For those ready to travel now we are offering limited updates about destinations, properties and restaurants we featured in the past and whose representatives have responded to our questions and requests for updates. This series of updates began in 2021.