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Mustang: Journey of Transformation

Photo: SSA Public Relations

In Mustang: Journey of Transformation, a DVD documentary (PBS Distribution, $14.99) released earlier this year, PBS takes viewers on a 30-minute trip across time to the Kingdom of Mustang, a forgotten corner of Tibet. The Kingdom of Mustang is one of few places that maintain close ties to the original Tibetan culture. Actor Richard Gere narrates the short film about the history, traditions and Buddhist religion that define the Tibetan people of the little-known region east of the Himalayas.

“Because our land is filled with untouched monasteries from the 15th century and our government is based on Buddhist teachings, some say we are the last remaining Tibetan kingdom,” said Jigme Palbar Bista, King of Mustang.

Described as one of few remaining homes of authentic Tibetan Buddhist culture the Himalayan Kingdom of Mustang was isolated by geography and politics for many years. Its inhabitants struggled to survive, and the 15th century monasteries that defined their culture in the past had nearly disappeared from neglect. Outside funding and expert support are helping Mustang and its people reconnect with their ancient past by providing the financial means and training to restore the country’s collapsing temples and sacred sites and inspiring a new found cultural renaissance, according to the documentary.

His Holiness the Dalai Lama, the King of Mustang, and Luigi Fieni, the chief art conservator of Mustang’s ancient Buddhist masterpieces are among those interviewed in Mustang.

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