New laptop case makes going through airport security a breeze

By Gary Cox

Pathfinder Luggage’s Checkpoint-Friendly Laptop Bag

Pathfinder Luggage’s Checkpoint-Friendly Laptop Bag

Post 9/11 air travel has become increasingly cumbersome, especially when it comes to crossing through security checkpoints to reach departure gates. In the United States, federal security staff force passengers with little ceremony to remove shoes, jackets, belts and more. If that wasn’t enough the screening areas seem to have spawned airport thieves who troll the airports in search of easy prey, travelers who are distracted or unfamiliar with the security process.

Security personnel can and often do ask anyone with laptop computers, video equipment, battery operated items and even cameras to take them out of the carry-on case or shoulder bag and place them in bins to pass through the x-ray machines. In addition to being highly annoying and time consuming this process means there is always time when passenger valuables are exposed and unprotected while they are crossing the security walk through area.

Enter the new Pathfinder Luggage’s Checkpoint-Friendly Laptop Bag. I recently traveled with it through West Palm Beach, Fort Lauderdale, Dallas, Philadelphia, Atlanta and Las Vegas airports. It worked like a charm!

Only one security checkpoint staff person at the Las Vegas airport was unfamiliar with the concept and asked me to take the laptop out of the case. Although I pointed out the case was Transportation and Security Administration (TSA) approved she wasn’t convinced. Fortunately one of her coworkers arrived at that moment and confirmed what I said was true, allowing me to keep my laptop securely inside the case.

The convenience of keeping my laptop secure inside the case would make it worthwhile. Fortunately in addition to being TSA approved there are several features I like about Pathfinder Luggage’s Checkpoint-Friendly Laptop Bag. It stays steady when I place it on a table or the floor without toppling over unlike my previous computer case.

The case, made of 1680 Denier Ballistic Nylon in black with Top Grain Leather Trim, hold laptops of up to 15.4” (MacBook Pro need not apply) and sells for $99. It weighs 4 pounds and measures 13″ x 8″ x 17″. It has multiple compartments where I can place business cards, pens, small electronics and file folders. It has become my new favorite carry on bag when I travel with my laptop computer.


The bag lies flat, allowing screeners to see the laptop securely in its pocket