Le Grand Vefour a Paris monument to classic French gourmet dining


Service at Le Grand Vefour was exceptional

Tucked away in a corner of the celebrated Palais Royal Gardens in the heart of Paris is a monument to that country’s history and fine food. It is kept alive thanks to the devotion of thousands upon thousands of locals and international visitors who over the years have found their way there in search of an extraordinary classic French cuisine experience. This cozy and elegant bastion of fine dining has been around in one form or another since before the United States was established as a nation.


A table setting at Le Grand Vefour


Windows surround the dining room

In spite of the restaurant’s advanced age, this Grand Damme remains spry and in the loving hands of a dedicated team of professionals who labor daily with pride to make guests’ culinary desires a reality.


Guy Martin, executive chef and manager, Le Grand Vefour

On a recent visit, our team enjoyed a tasting menu and had an opportunity to speak with the man who leads the restaurant, Guy Martin, executive chef and manager of Le Grand Vefour.

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