Ivory Lodge a top choice for luxury in the bush


A male lion at Ivory Lodge at Lion Sands

For luxury oriented safari enthusiasts South Africa offers the greatest number of luxury game viewing properties and the highest standards. Spacious suites with private plunge pools, a high ratio of staff to guests, gourmet meals and spa treatments are common among the luxury properties near http://simonandbaker.com/kruger. For discriminating travelers in search of the best and most exclusive options, a handful of boutique lodges stand out among the varied choices in the area.


Game viewing departure time at Ivory Lodge

Ivory Lodge has a distinctive position in the rarified circle of top tier South African game viewing properties and is a strong contender for the crown of best boutique safari lodges in the world. When we last visited the property we found it ideal for bush aficionados, especially couples, seeking privacy and exclusivity. Those who appreciate personalized “butler” service, spa, fine wine and foodie amenities may find the property’s setting, more like a private designer home than a boutique hotel, pleasantly surprising.


A striking tree was the centerpiece of the dining room at Ivory Lodge

At the same time, the management took measures to maintain the land in good condition for generations to come. We appreciated and felt good about visiting a property with an ecotourism conscience.

Ivory Lodge offered a refined and exclusive cocoon of privacy, luxury, guest centered service, gourmet meals and fine wines, and spa treatments in a game viewing setting.  Click here to read our updated feature article about Ivory Lodge

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