Luxury Travel Review




While we were visting Tobago last year, there was a bomb scare in the U.K. that led to new stricter regulations on carry on bags, including not allowing any carry on baggage from U.K. airports for several weeks.

Concerned about our carry on items being damaged or stolen if we were prevented from carrying them with us, we searched high and low for options. Our goal was to find a carry on case with wheels capable of being checked in as luggage if security levels were elevated while we were on a trip. Our best find was the Pelican 1510. In it we we can accommodate a laptop and camera gear with less fear for their safety if we are forced to check the bag in with luggage during a trip.

If you have never seen Pelican cases before, they are used extensively in the military and civil agencies, such as fire and police. They are durable, chemical resistant and watertight cases that protect equipment and supplies for transport. The Pelican 1510 is designed to meet the carry on luggage size constraints of most major airlines,It comes with wheels and an extendable handle so it is easy to use.

There are several options available for the interior. We chose the foam blocks designed to allow the user to remove individual cells and form shapes to snugly hold equipment. In our case, we carry an entire professional photography setup, including multiple lenses and spare parts as well as a Sony Vaio laptop. On a recent trip to Africa, we found that this bag was perfect for use in the game viewing camps, as we could just hand it off to the porters to deliver to our rooms and trust that our equipment was safely cushioned.

Pelican also markets TSA approved locks that will secure this case if we ever have to check it with regular luggage. We hope it never comes to this, but if the worst happens while we are out there traveling, we at least have the option to keep our equipment safe and sound if it has to go into the belly of the plane. We hope!