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Minneapolis, MN (PRWEB) — A recent poll by Airlines.Ws of 1067 highly targeted airline passenger based readers revealed 67 percent thought cell phones should remain banned during flight. The remaining 33 percent said no. The polling lasted 45 days.

Cell phones are already banned during take offs and landings because of the possible risks associated with the radio interference of cell phones as well as other devices such as pagers, Palm Pilots, Blackberries, CD, MP3 players and laptops emitting RF signals.

“The risk posed by these portable devices is higher than previously believed. Radio frequency emitted from these devices can disrupt normal operation of key cockpit instruments, especially Global Positioning System (GPS) receivers, which are increasingly vital for safe landings,”, said Bill Strauss, one of the researchers of a February 2006 Carnegie Mellon University (CMU) study .

According to Airlines.Ws there is documentation which shows the possibility that cell phone interference resulted in the death of 10 passenger and crew members onboard a Crossair flight near Zurich, Switzerland in January 2000. Investigators found false readings given by aircraft instrumentation were later traced to the exact time of a text message received by a passenger.

The Radio Technical Commission for Aeronautics (RTCA) conducting PED studies since 1963, states cell phones “should be viewed as potentially hazardous and an unacceptable risk.” As of June 2005, “the FAA remains unconvinced that aircraft communication and navigation equipment can be adequately protected from onboard interference,” said Nicholas Sabatini, Associate Administrator for Aviation Safety, Federal Aviation Administration (FAA).

Before any change allowing cell phones in-flight the FAA and Federal Communication Commission (FCC) would need to lift their bans. The FCC has already voiced their opinion that they intend to lift their ban. The FAA is still studying the issue and doesn’t expect to have those results until the end of 2006.

While this polling was based on a safety issue, Airlines.Ws received more emails from respondents far more concerned over how disruptive cell phone conversations would be for themselves and other passengers than they were about any safety issue. Airlines.Ws is a directory of airlines, airline news, polls and commentary.