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Wild dogs at Shamwari 

Wild dogs at Eagles Crag at the Shamwari Game Reserve, South Africa

San Francisco, California – According to an Opinion Research Corporation national survey sponsored by the Adventure Collection, nearly 10 percent of respondents say they spend $5,000 or more on their adventure travel vacations.  In addition, the survey found that 3 percent spent $9,000 or more.  Among those with household incomes above $75,000, 17 percent said they spent $5,000 or more on their adventure travel vacations.

While age is not a factor in adventure travel, the Opinion Research survey confirmed that older travelers’ (65+) participation rate is significantly lower (32 percent), but they spend more money on their adventure vacation.  And those adventure vacationers over age 35 spend significantly more than those under 35 years of age, although, 18-24 year olds have the highest participation in adventure travel activities at 53 percent. 

The survey also found that of the geographic areas evaluated, the West (51 percent) has the highest level of participation in adventure travel followed by the Northeast at 48 percent, the North Central at 45 percent and the South at 41 percent.   

“The findings on the adventure traveler were not surprising.  It has been our experience, and the survey confirms, the higher one’s income and the more education one has, the more they spend on adventure travel,” said Ben Bressler, president of Adventure Collection member company Natural Habitat Adventures.

Formed in 2000, Adventure Collection comprises 11 independently owned active travel companies that came together through “a shared commitment to operating trips based on quality, experience, environmental responsibility and sustainable tourism.”

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