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Photographer and writer Josette King

Born and raised in Paris, France, in a multi-national family, Josette King took her first international trip at the age of three. She hasn’t stopped exploring the world since, and has visited more than 40 countries around the world. Throughout her youth, she participated in scholastic exchange programs that allowed her to enjoy extensive stays with local families in several European countries, and form a deep appreciation for diverse cultures. Her passion for travel photography traces back to these early experiences.  Her work thrives to capture the cultural uniqueness of the areas she visits.

After her studies in Anglo-Saxon languages, Josette, who is trilingual in French, English and German, made her home in the U.S. and her career in international business development and marketing for the information technology industry. This has enabled her to travel extensively for business as well as pleasure. In addition to visiting areas with a rich historic and cultural tradition, her personal travel interests focus on sustainable tourism and its value as a tool for economic development based on the  conservation of local ecosystems.

The daughter of a French chef, Josette has carried on her family’s interest in gastronomy as a successful French cuisine teacher and writer. Her other writing credits include a number of travel reviews, and a recently published novel, The Other Side of Forever.


  1. Cathy Tierney

    Did you ever write a cookbook? I took a course or two from you years ago at the Boston Center for Adult Ed.

    Cathy Tierney

  2. Kate Blackwell

    Hi Josette,

    I found your article by searching the name Wedmore and Zimbawe. I believe Wedmore was my guide in 1999, and I have wondered if he is safe with all of the turmoil. Do you have recent contact information? I assume I could write to him care of the company you reviewed here. Thank you! – Kate Blackwell

  3. Ellen de Lange

    Dear Josette,
    I suppose you won’t remember me, but I’ll give it a try. I read an article in the paper about a renovation of the Okura Hotel in Amsterdam and it reminded me of you and the nice and (for me, the young girl I was at that time) of the time I spent with you during my work at The Interface Group. It took a little time to remember your name and after “googling” you I found your picture and it’s definitely you!!!!!! I hope you’re doing fine and more than that I hope you will contact me if you might come to Amsterdam again. A big kiss from me to you, Ellen van Aalst- de Lange

  4. Josette King

    Hello Cathy,
    I do remember you! The cookbook is still… on the back burner. I work on it sporadically when I have a bit of spare time, And I am still “cooking up a storm” at every opportunity. I hope you are too.

  5. Josette King

    At the time of my visit last year, Wedmore was well and living in Zambia wish his Zambian wife. He was working as a boatswain and guide at the Chongwe River Camp. His e-mail address was:

  6. Josette King

    Dear Ellen,
    Of course, I remember you! I am thrilled to hear from you. Please e-mail me directly at so we can catch up.

  7. Ellen

    Josette, I just did!!! Ellen

  8. Josette Conti

    Hello from Florida!

  9. Hannah (Brown) Silva

    Hi Josette,
    Your son contacted me again after many years and I was thrilled to learn you are doing well. You have an incredible talent of written word and photography. It is a joy to “travel” with you through your reviews. Please continue to share your amazing experiences and don’t hesitate to include me in your next trip to Italy!
    Hugs, Hannah

  10. Aom

    Sawasdee kha!!!
    Khun Josette greeting from Thaialnd.
    Have a save journey back to your home.
    We’re lookinf forward you all the time

    Best wishes,

  11. Doris O'Hearn

    Hello to the dearest and best friend I’ve ever had. I love “traveling” with you around the world. We are staying safe and hope you are doing the same. Happy to keep track of your “kids” on fb. Update for you on Darren – he’s living in central Maine with the love of his life – We are so very happy for him. Love forever, Doris & Bill


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