A visit to Saint Lucia

Photos by Gary Cox

The Pitons in Saint Lucia

The distinctive Saint Lucia Pitons

Mention of any Caribbean island conjures images of white sand beaches, luxurious hideaways, tropical drinks, and exotic meals. One of the islands many landlubbers dream about is Saint Lucia which one of our teams visited earlier this year on a mission to discover the former British colony’s charms. Located in the eastern Caribbean between Martinique, a French island, and Saint Vincent, part of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, Saint Lucia is recognized often thanks to two distinctive hills called Pitons. It is also known for its active volcano, lush mountainous landscape and more recently for its vibrant tourism development. Read about their experience in Saint Lucia at The Jalousie Plantation and the Cotton Bay Club, the two hotels they stayed in while on the island.

Cotton Bay Village Villa 45 Living Room

The living room in Villa 45 at Cotton Bay Village

The Jalousie Plantation

The Jalousie Plantation beach and pool areas

Hummingbird in Saint Lucia

A beautiful hummingbird visiting the flowers in Saint Lucia