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Article and photo by Josette King

Hovercraft 25 inch duffle from Eagle Creek

Hovercraft 25 inch Duffel from Eagle Creek

When it comes to packing, decades of traveling solo to have made me a minimalist: I learned early on the wisdom of lugging only what I can comfortably handle on my own. However, in recent years, my propensity for lengthy, complex itineraries coupled with the airlines’ increasingly restrictive luggage allowances have presented me with ever more difficult choices.  My sturdy, tidily organized hard-sided suitcases of early times, or a light-weight, roomy but hard to pack and handle duffel bag?

The Eagle Creek Hovercraft 25 solved my dilemma. With firm, heavy gauge Cordura nylon shell, super-stable wheel base and multiple grab handles, its especially roomy interior and multiple, easily accessible compartments inside and out, it delivered the most desirable features of both hard and soft-sided luggage.

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