Le Jules Verne at famed Eiffel Tower well suited for romance

A private entrance at the foot of Eiffel Tower leads to the Jules Verne

A private entrance at the foot of the Eiffel Tower leads to Le Jules Verne

A Jules Verne treat

A Jules Verne treat

Few places are more distinctive and reminiscent of Paris, the capital of love, as the iconic Eiffel Tower. Our team dined at the popular (rumor is that reservations require three months advance planning) Le Jules Verne, a revamped and renovated gourmet restaurant within the Tower. They reached the restaurant through a private and well marked entrance at the foot of the famed monument. After being cleared by a restaurant staff member at the ground level reception they were escorted by a young man in a private elevator to the restaurant lobby.

Sweet temptations at the Jules Verne

Sweet temptations at Le Jules Verne

On their return, they raved about their meal which was outstanding even in a city whose citizens have for centuries venerated gourmet experiences; and a setting that was ideal for romance. Le Jules Verne stood out for its attractive dinning room, handsome dinnerware service, delicious dishes and a meal with one of the most memorable views in Paris. Click here to read more about why they would return to Le Jules Verne.