Luxury Travel Review

By Josette King


Scottevest Women’s Travel Vest*

As a frequent adventure traveler, I have long felt the need for a multi-purpose lightweight vest with roomy, secure pockets to organize my travel necessities (a secret additional airline carry-on bag of sorts); and one that would substitute for my day pack once I got to a destination. I wished it comfortable to wear, light enough to double as a windbreaker, and inconspicuously stylish. No bulges to advertise where I stowed my valuables, please! My new Scottevest Women’s Travel Vest delivers it all.

With its discretely tapered waist, the hip-length vest is flattering enough for casual wear, while its lightweight brushed cotton blend water-repellent outer shell makes it well suited for sport activities. Its 21 pockets come in a variety of sizes and purposes to keep things organized and easily accessible in a variety of situations. For instance, a pocket just the right size for travel documents piggybacks on a larger pocket intended for reading material.

Once in the wilderness, these same pockets turned out to be perfect for carrying camera lenses and accessories, while two separate tiny Velcro-secured slots on either side of the front zipper, intended for MP3 ear buds, were just right for camera memory cards. Best of all, the thoughtful design and placement of the pockets allows for comfortable distribution of weight of the items carried, while the no-bulge pockets keep a streamlined look. Click here to read more about the Scottevest Women’s Travel Vest

*Photo courtesy Scottevest