Ultraviolet gadgets designed to zap germs during trips


SteriPEN Traveler

The more crowed airplanes and airports become the more we worry about picking up other people’s germs and the infectious diseases they may carry. As anyone who has traveled lately can tell you, it’s almost impossible not to touch one or more surfaces that may be germ infested at the security lines, in the bathrooms, and on airplanes which are often emptied and refilled within minutes. If the seats are still warm the germs may be alive and available to hitch a ride on new guests. We don’t want to be host to any germs. 

That’s where portable gadgets to zap germs (viruses and bacteria) with ultraviolet light come in handy. The ultraviolet is as harmful to humans as to the germs so it’s important to keep the light away from skin, eyes and face to avoid burns. That has never happened to us in all the times we have used these ultraviolet travel products.


The handheld Nano UV Scanner

One item is the SteriPEN Traveler, a water cleaner for remote locations, emergencies and situations where the water supply may be less than desirable. Water born microbes can knock travelers out of commission during a trip and spoil a day or more of activities. Although there are inexpensive options (boiling or adding chemicals to the water are the most common) to ensure water is safe to drink they are often cumbersome and time consuming. A lightweight, handheld device capable of killing unhealthy germs can be a god send, especially in exotic destinations including some safari countries.

On planes, trains and automobiles the Nano UV Scanner handheld ultraviolet sanitizer is easy to use and takes up little space in hand luggage. A couple of slow runs over the seatbelt buckle, tray table and armrests is all it takes. A similar operation in the lavatory and public bathrooms will serve the same purpose.


VIOlight Toothbrush Sanitizer

We always take a VIOlight Toothbrush Sanitizer with us, especially on extended trips.  The VIOlight comes in a handy travel and storage case. A minute of ultraviolet light and our toothbrush seems to be good as new (from a germ point of view). Plus it never seems to pick up odors (even after months on the road or in the travel case). We use it with electric toothbrush heads and regular toothbrushes. It holds up to two heads (or one full size toothbrush) in one case making it ideal for couples.

All three gadgets are lightweight; battery operated, and take little space. The light bulbs that generate the ultraviolet light appear to have a long shelf life. For example, according to the manufacturer, the bulb of the Nano UV Scanner lasts up to 5,000 hours. We haven’t even come close to using it that many hours. It comes with two AAA batteries which seem to last a long time. It’s 3¾ x 1¾” x 1¼” in size and weighs 3 oz. The water cleaner is the most expensive so we try to tuck it inside our carry on luggage along with the handheld cleaner for personal space sanitation on airplanes and during trips. The VIOlight usually travels with the checked in luggage.