Luxury Travel Review


Luxury On The Go set from Silk ‘N Dreams*

Pillows and blankets on domestic flights seem to be going the way of the dinosaur. Rarely do we find pillows and when we find blankets they are are no longer wrapped in hygienic plastic. We wonder who last laid their head on the pillow and what foods were spilled on the blankets. 

Recently we decided to try the shamelessly indulgent Luxury On The Go set from Silk ‘N Dreams. Designed for carry on luggage, the Luxury On The Go Set we tried retails for $95 and includes silk EyeMask, silk covered NeckPillow, pair of EarPlugs, and silky drawstring bag in the Classique pattern. Would it be worth the extra hassle of carrying them on board given the increasingly stringent carry on luggage restrictions?

A trip to Chicago provided us an opportunity to test the set and the answer was a resounding yes. The silk pillow felt soft and gentle. Used together with the eye mask they created a cocoon of comfort in the tightly filled economy section. Knowing they were clean and new was a nice feeling inviting sleep and much needed rest in spite of the cabin noises and activity. The only challenge we see for future trips is finding space in our increasingly full carry on luggage to store them. In this trip, they were worth the effort. Although they took up space in the small back pack the items combined weighed less than one pound. 

Silk ‘N Dream products are made in the United States of Charmeuse Silk by a California and Florida company. According to the company website, its silk products are washable using a machine delicate cycle set in cold water with gentle soap and tumble drying on gentle cycle or line or flat dry.

* Photo courtesy of Silk ‘N Dreams