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Day/Night pill case

We used to put our vitamins and supplements in small plastic bags or Ziploc bags when we traveled. A couple of years ago we found this Lewis N. Clark Day/Night Pill Organizer for $12. It has been helpful and practical, especially for extended trips.

The lightweight water repellent folding case has 16 individual slide locking vinyl pouches and comes with a one year warranty. Thanks to the vinyl casing the pills are protected from water, dust, and anything that may spill on the case during a trip. We’ve had several spills including mosquito repellent, body lotion and plain rain water wet the suitcases in the past so the extra protection is welcome.

Inside the pill case is divided into two halves of eight pouches each. A Velcro closure keeps the case secure during travel preventing the pills from falling out. Although prescription and essential meds travel in our hand luggage, we often send the vitamin supplements in the pill case and they have always arrived intact.

We are able to fit pills separately for two people for eight days, day and night pills for one or two people for eight days or what we usually do, fill the case with pills for both of us for 16 days.

We often remove the plastic pouch with that day’s pills and carry it with us to breakfast and through the day. At the end of the day or the following morning we replace the empty pouch with a new one. We have traveled in the United States, Africa, Europe, and the Caribbean with the pill case and it has suffered minimum damage.

In two years of regular use we lost one of the vinyl pouches and broke the plastic closure of another. It’s possible to purchase replacement pouches for about $5. – Elena del Valle

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