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Garmin C330 

The Garmin C330 StreetPilot is a street map based global positioning system (GPS) custom designed for use in a car. My overall impression of the Garmin C330 was excellent. I really liked this unit. I was able to test this unit in my home city where I am familiar with the roads, and also when I traveled to a large east coast city where we rented a car that did not have a GPS already installed.

When we traveled with the C330 we landed in an unfamiliar airport in a large east coast city. The C330 is small and lightweight enough that it easily fits in a small travel bag. The Garmin unit acquired its position quickly so we didn’t have to wait on it after we were inside our rental car. Before we left our home I had already entered the destination address of our hotel as well as several other important trip destinations – Chester Godsy.

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