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Tru Tropical Waterfall

Tru spa waterfall

Photo: Tru

San Francisco, California — Tru spa introduced the Pair’s Polish, a romantic treatment for couples which takes place inside the facility’s Tropical Rainforest Room, where couples exfoliate with fresh fruit pulps and essential oils and then are immersed under tropical "rain," followed by a refreshing "waterfall" rinse.

Pairs Polish enables lovebirds to rub each other down with a sugar based exfoliating and brightening scrub of fresh strawberries, almonds and honey. Couples use the hand shower to rinse, then massage on a strawberry cream, and honey mixture. They are showered by hot "jungle mist," followed by warm "tropical rain" and a romantic trip to the bottom of a private "waterfall." The cost of this treatment is $200 per couple for 55 minutes.

Tru, an independently owned and operated modern day spa located in downtown San Francisco, offers facials, massage, nail services, waxing, microdermabrasion, skin peels, scrubs, and custom water treatments. There are eleven treatment rooms; five with computer controlled "colorblast" lighting to combine colored light therapy with massage. For additional information read our article about Tru