Andrea de Gosztonyi-McRae


Andrea de Gosztonyi hiking in the Yukon

Born of Hungarian parents in a small town outside of Montreal, Quebec, Canada, Andrea grew up in a multi-cultural and multi-lingual environment.  As a result, she speaks four languages and has developed a passion for travel. Recently she has developed an interest for golf and, along with her husband and their son, she is determined to play on the major golf courses around the world. She has always been interested in art and has drawn and painted all her life.

While attending McGill University, in sciences, she discovered the Art Education Department and decided to take a graphics course. This was her first experience with a structured art program and she instantly felt a bonding for the subject matter.  The following year Andrea transferred to the Faculty of Education and graduated from McGill in Art Education. She later returned to McGill for her Masters Degree in Education.

Printmaking led to sculpture, photography and painting, techniques that Andrea feels complement each other well. The structural qualities of each of these techniques are reflected in her work. Andrea has been teaching high school and junior college art and art history ever since.

Busy on the conference circuit and active in program development and application, as well as raising a family, she is involved with various charitable organisations as a member of the board of directors, active in fund raising and as past newsletter editor.  Andrea has also been involved with the theatre, doing the scenography for several plays.

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